"Oh My Goodness" is out NOW!

“Oh My Goodness”, the new album from Donnie Fritts, is out TODAY… and the reviews are pouring in:

“His fourth and latest record, Oh My Goodness, gives listeners the best opportunity yet to appreciate Fritts’ rough yet vulnerable voice, love of song, and earthy funkiness.”  -  Mother Jones

“A new record coming out of Muscle Shoals exudes elemental glow likely to make it a hip choice for those "Best Albums of 2015” lists that will saturate the internet as the year closes. The singer on the album is 72-years-old.“ - AL.com

“Like an old friend who drops by every decade or so, it’s great to hear such a one-of-a-kind artist offer up his particular brand of American country soul.”- Associated Press

“When the chorus breaks out in the goofy blues “Choo Choo Train” (which includes John Paul White’s kids hooting away) or the hometown heavenly choir elevates Fritts’ plaintive tenor in “Lay It Down,” it’s the sound of a musical community renewing itself by holding its foundations close.” - NPR

Own “Oh My Goodness today!  Buy your copy at:

Single Lock Records: http://bit.ly/1INVkA1
Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1j20Dr8
iTunes: http://apple.co/1PP3mhe