John Paul White and Donnie Fritts do Record Store Day

For Record Store Day 2017, we're proud to announce a special 7" 45RPM record from John Paul White and Donnie Fritts.

On the A-side, John takes a turn at Donnie's enduring classic, "Breakfast in Bed". On the B-side, Donnie delivers a version of John's "Simple Song" as only Donnie can.

It's two friends honoring each other on a special release, just for Record Store Day! We pressed 1000 of these, and the only way to get your hands on one is to head to your local independent record store on April 22nd!

It’s been tough keeping this a secret...

For this Record Store Day, Donnie Fritts and I took turns doing each other’s songs. I’ve sung Breakfast in Bed with him quite a few times, and it’s one of my wife’s favorite things I’ve performed. Recording it was a no-brainer. In return, he did a rendition of my Simple Song. We did this just two guys, two instruments. I hope it conveys the familial relationship we have, and the mutual respect. 

I love this guy, and am thrilled we pulled this off. I hope you enjoy.
— John Paul White

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