A New Song from John Paul White

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“I’m excited to announce the release of my newest song, “My Dreams Have All Come True.”

Kris Kristofferson made a living out of writing songs that said “I get it. I’m no good for you. You deserve better. But...don’t go quite yet.” This is my version of that type of moment. 

I wanted to write a complex song about a complex situation. Lots of changes, lots of elements. I wanted it to ebb and flow, like any relationship. It HAD to be a waltz. There was a conscious effort to keep the singer calm - almost soothing, comforting - as he explains that he knows where they’re heading.

In the bridge, I deliberately sought to convey something slightly different than the rest of the song. A moment where the singer isn’t quite as nonchalant, and reveals he’s falling apart. And then with the final line, he pulls himself together, and accepts his fate.

Because he always knew it was coming. 

This is a moment where I’m being completely self-indulgent and embracing so many of the things I love in a song: complexity; dynamics; nuance; drama; guarded and raw emotion. Orbison, Cline, Slim Whitman - they’re all here - along with Kris and Chet Atkins and Bill Porter. I’m letting go of my apprehension about being over the top and a “showoff”.

This is the beginning of a wellspring of unguarded music sprung from all the things I’ve ever loved. This fills the void in the music I hear around me. 

I also just love a sad song with a happy title.”

To hear “My Dreams Have All Come True”, click here!