Erin Rae's "Putting On Airs 4-Track Demos" is out now!


In honor of the one-year anniversary of Erin Rae’s “Putting On Airs” (and her Americana nomination for EMERGING ACT OF THE YEAR), we’re proud to share “Putting On Airs 4-Track Demos”, a brand-new EP of early versions of her most beloved songs from “Putting On Airs”…

Click here to listen!

Quote from Erin Rae:

These songs were recorded at Jerry’s house in Philly in the couple days after we returned from our first UK tour in 2016: After listening to everything Jerry played us in the van, and getting to play together with him and Dom for a month, it seemed only natural to try and make the new record together. I recorded acoustic versions, and after I went back to Nashville, Jerry recorded all the additional instruments which led me to trust him to make Putting on Airs with me. These recordings are very dear to me, I think both of our performances are very natural and pure. 

Quote from Jerry Berhnardt:

Erin and I had just returned home from a lengthy tour of the U.K., where we had spent a lot of our down time loosely conceptualizing the palette for her next LP.  She had a head full of incredible new material, so when we got back to Philly post-tour, I just set her up in my living room on my little Tascam 4 track and rolled tape.  She did four new songs that night: Putting on Airs, The Grand Scheme, The Real Thing, and Can't Cut Loose.  The perspective of these songs seemed other worldly to me, like some thousand year old voice speaking truths that we as humans might not yet know that we already know.  "How small we are in the grand scheme, how great"....come on!  

With that in mind, we started to run with this sort of universal  "lost and found" treatment to the songs, while keeping within the confines of four track cassette; this notion of wisdom you might find in the pocket of your favorite new Goodwill™ jacket.  I added some bits and bobs to Erin's guitar/vocal performances to varying degrees, from more abstract sound collage all the way to some janky fake band that never was.  We both felt really strongly about the world we created within these recordings, and carried their ethos into the proper album sessions with Dom and Dan that would soon follow.