Hear Penny & Sparrow's new record TODAY at Noisey!

We're so proud to be releasing Let A Lover Drown You on Friday.  It's the new record from Penny & Sparrow, a group that recently relocated to Florence from Austin, TX.  They are our new neighbors, friends and creative partners.  

This record has been floating around the Single Lock staff for months... and now, we're excited to let you listen.  So, courtesy of our friends at Noisey, you can now stream their new record.  Go give it a listen!

If you like it, head over to our store to order it.  Thanks for listening... and be sure and catch the guys on tour!

Penny & Sparrow make NPR's "Austin 100" List!

Our very own Penny & Sparrow are featured on NPR Music's annual "Austin 100" list for 2016!  It's now live at NPR Music!  This is NPR's way of spotlighting their favorite music set to appear at the 2016 SXSW Music Conference.  Be sure and open the app and click through... there's tons of great music!

Penny & Sparrow's upcoming full-length, Let A Lover Drown You, releases worldwide on March 11!  


"Oh My Goodness" makes Ann Powers' "Top Records of 2015" list at NPR Music!

That's right... the critically acclaimed release from Donnie Fritts has stacked yet another accolade on the pile!  "Oh My Goodness" made NPR Music critic Ann Powers' "Best of 2015" list.  Click here to go check out that list, and click here to buy the record!  

It makes for a GREAT Christmas gift!

If you have a good independent record store in your city, go there and buy it!  Pictured above is the record for sale at Seasick Records in Birmingham, AL!  Tons of other stores have it!  Go support them this holiday season!