Lera Lynn- "Plays Well With Others"

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Lera Lynn- "Plays Well With Others"

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Lera Lynn’s “Plays Well With Others” is a duets record featuring songs with Peter Bradley Adams, John Paul White, Dylan LeBlanc, Andrew Combs, Rodney Crowell, Shovels & Rope, JD McPherson, and Nicole Atkins. It was recorded at Single Lock’s studios in Florence, Alabama.

"Songwriting can be such a personal process; in the past I have tended to do it alone," Lynn admits. “With this record, I wanted to get outside of my own writing corner. I have access toa great community of writers and singers in Nashville, and it became an exciting challenge to sit down with some friends and say, 'Let's write a duet — one that maybehasn't been written before — and then record it together.' This was an important thing for me to do as an artist: to open myself up to other people and have some fun.”

1. Same Old Song - feat. Peter Bradley Adams
2. Lose Myself - feat. John Paul White
3. What Is Love - feat. Dylan LeBlanc
4. Breakdown - feat. Andrew Combs
5. Crimson Underground - feat. Rodney Crowell
6. Wolf Like Me - feat. Shovels & Rope
7. Nothin' To Do With Your Love - feat. J.D. McPherson
8. In Another Life - feat. Nicole Atkins
9. Almost Persuaded - feat. John Paul White

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